Math Puzzles Brain Teasers

Puzzles are a great brain exercise tool meant to tease your brain, giving you mathematical challenges to solve for sharp brains. A Math puzzle could feature topics in math like algebra, sequences, logic, shapes, calculus, algorithms, numbers and probability. This can be used for recreational purpose or to test brain skills in schools and IQ levels in interviews.  When used as a game, the math puzzle game features fun and thinking with two or more players putting up a challenge to out do the other in math skills.

Math puzzles are grouped into the categories that define their mathematical application. Those that feature numbers are designed to exercise your brain on numbers.  This brain puzzle of numbers could test you on additions, subtractions, long divisions, multiplications or a combination of all applications. Some of these puzzle types call for the use of even numbers, whole numbers and complex numbers. This will help you grasp the different types of numbers and their mathematical applications. Some will feature algebra and arithmetic to include letters and symbols in the numbers. The four fours and verbal arithmetic math puzzle brands are such examples that will incorporate mathematical symbols like % for percentage calculations and alphabetical letters.

The combinatorics math puzzle has more than one application, symbols and shapes put together. The Logic math puzzle requires that you think and use mathematical applications to find answer. These give a narration about an event with computations for you to use. Math puzzles can be used to determine quantities of length, distance, time and weight. In such a case you would find velocity puzzles, weighing puzzle and lateral thinking. A comparison puzzle defines time period covered or weight measures of items. These logic puzzle varieties also include board games like chess with the mathematical chess of logic game being invented to test your math and logic skills.

Math as a puzzle offers great fun and learning for kids and students. The corporate world also uses the puzzle of logic for serious job interviews today. These are also used to shape the brain through left side thinking for better analytical skills and sharp brain. With the growth of technology today analytical skills are crucial for IT skills development. Getting involved with a as a recreational puzzle game is important for today’s techno world.

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