Rift Puzzles

Rift puzzles are very popular and there is a single puzzle in each zone. If you enjoy challenges, the games can be very interesting. It is possible to complete a puzzle in more than one faction and this is not determined by the zone you are in. The challenge is to reach the puzzle in your enemy’s territory.

 A rift puzzle usually involves some kind of challenge that you need to solve. One of the options offered by Rift is Lake Solace Puzzle. In this option, you are required to light about 12 aqua lamps. The lamps usually disappear therefore you have to light them very fast. There are rewards offered for each puzzle that you solve. The rewards are determined by the level you are in and they include items that you can use. You need to get the puzzle first and then swim up to catch your breath before you start the challenge. It is usually found at the center of Lake Solace. As you try to solve the challenge you need to have a friend and some under water breathing equipment. Once you have located the puzzle, the aqua lamps will appear. To light a lamp, you simply right click on it. It will only remain lit for 30 seconds therefore it has to be activated again. When playing the Lake of Solace puzzle, you will be able to get rewards after you reach level 30.

 Another option from Rift is Silverwood puzzles. The goal of this rift puzzle is to teleport to Treasure Chest. It is easy to get this rift puzzle by traveling to the Overwatch Keep which is found right in the middle of Silverwood. Once you get the Mysterious Plaque, you should right click on it in order to teleport yourself to the initial tower. You need to do this in a counter-clockwise direction all round the top of the tower and right click on the first Mysterious Plaque available. Once you do this about five times, you will be able to get to Treasure Chest. The rewards in this rift puzzle are offered when you get to level 30.
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