Rubik’s Cube History and Quick Facts

As far as solving a Rubik’s cube, which you can buy on the Chebeltza toy and children’s equipment website, is concerned, it might seem like you just need to follow a series of several simple steps. But, the truth is, things are more complicated and complex than that. 

However, before you start following the different solving strategies, you should learn some important vocabulary terms first. This way, it will be easier for you to following the confusing permutations and algorithms of the cube that you need in order to solve it.


The algorithm refers to a series of rotations or an operation that will reorient the blocks into the preferred outcome. These are often written using a capital letter that denotes the face that must be rotated, a number 2 if it must be rotated two times, and an a letter “i” in lowercase of the rotation must be counterclockwise. 

Rubik’s cube 3x3
Even after 40 years, the Rubik’s Cube is still used to shorten time and train the brain


The center cubes can be found in the middle of both sides with a single visible color. You can find a total of six centers and not like other parts of the cubes, these don’t move in position. Since these are fixed, the center cube’s color is used to represent each of the cube’s sides. 


From the name itself, a corner piece can be found in the corner of every side of the Rubik’s cube. These have three visible corners with 8 corners in total.

Rubik’s cube world record 4.73 seconds by Feliks Zemdegs


The edge piece on the cube is the meeting point of two visible colors. A cube has 12 edges in total.  

Key Tips for Solving for Beginners 

It is not a small and simple feat to solve the Rubik’s cube mind game. In fact, the beginner’s method can also be tricky to pull off. One of the most important tips you need to remember is to practice, practice, and practice more. The beginner’s method is a detailed and long process that requires you learn new vocabulary and follow steps you might not be familiar with. It is also best that you start simple even if your goal is to try speedcubing. The beginner’s method should be mastered first before moving on to the rest.

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